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About Kimberlee

Kimberlee has survived much adversity and many challenges in her own life. She has truly learned much through attendance at the “School of Hard Knocks” and has graduated with “high honors.” Rather than letting the setbacks, tragedies and failures of life get her down, Kimberlee has chosen to take these experiences and learn from them. Through hard work and dedication, she has “broken the cycle” of negative events in her life, transforming herself in the process and switching the momentum toward happiness and success and away from sorrow, anger and failure.

As part of her education and development of her skills, Kimberlee became a public speaker years ago. She has spoken frequently at retreats, healing seminars, women’s groups, bereavement groups, recovery centers, senior centers and youth groups, inspiring others to change their own lives, and move forward. She has worked hand in hand with various programs designed to help others break their own cycles of negative behavior, survive trauma and tragedy by introducing healing at its root level.

Kimberlee the Intuitive Listener

Kimberlee shares her experience, wisdom and intuitive gifts in every area of her life; speaking, teaching and healing sessions. She communicates through energy, vibrations, aura, color, clairvoyant, clairsentient and no doubt an empathic. Kimberlee utilizes her gifts in every session and teachings. She is very excited to share  her workbook,’ The Secret Of Reiki’ and for you to learn and put you on a personal journey of healing at many levels.

Kimberlee’s Abilities

Kimberlee’s first public appearance was in 2000 during her guest appearance on a popular NBC talk show in Los Angeles.  The show concentrated on paranormal issues, group readings and healings.  After several years of teaching Reiki, Energy Healing, Meditation, Intuitive Listening, Kimberlee became better known as a Psychic Medium offering her guidance and messages.  She accepts invitations sharing her passion Teaching, Speaking to Groups, and Sharing in Private Readings.

Her very natural, high energy, yet easy-going style would lead you to believe that Kimberlee is chatting with a friend on the telephone, not communicating messages from the grave; the other side.  Kimberlee is a Psychic Medium, meaning that she is able to bridge the gap between two planes of existence, that of the living and that of the dead, by providing evidential proof of life after death via detailed messages. “I am just channeling energy, information.  I’m like the cell phone, I am just the messenger. Kimberlee will often pick up and feel your aches or pain; known as ‘empathic’, she will then relay healing messages surrounding personal aliments and life situations, relationships, career and more.

“If I convey recognizable evidence along with even a fraction of the loving energy behind the message to bring healing forward, I consider the reading successful.”

Contact Kimberlee at  – 800-553-0269